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MBA 1st Semester

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I joined in February, 2008 for my MBA 1st semester. It was SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) as I already mentioned in my previous post. I was charged 10,450 and 500 for prospectus. I got my book after 1 month and classes was also started after one month in Future Point which was my institute recognised by SMU.

I joined my only one class there that is about first semester MBA books and their study was poor. But I was studied myself. I am a hard worker man and done hard work for my study. After the office I was always busy in my study.

I will write about that books further but not deeply like as 2nd semester. I will write about them here my experience which I got during the study. I think MBA study will boost my career and me as well. Lets see what happen after having complete it.

About me and the MBA blog

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The blog is started by me to write about MBA and MBA courses which I am doing from SMU University. I was appeared in its 1st semester examination was held in July. Now, I am waiting for its result. However, 2nd semester admission has been done in August and classes are started from 25th August in recognized organization.

I was a simple graduate from Patna University, Bihar. My honors subject was History. I was passed with 2nd division in my honors paper in 2004. After completing graduation I had no clear vision due to financial problem. I joined an organization there I worked as an advertiser and composer of book in July 2004. That time I had done computer course in DTP. By me there was a book is published that name was “Hero of twentieths century”. Its writer was Narendra Kumar. It was from “Iskra” Publication that name was defined by me when book was under consideration. I worked there till August, 2005. After that I came to Delhi and begin to try getting a job. That time I had no idea about my career and profile. Lastly I had joined an organization that name was V-Angelz technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a dispatch executive. Here I had joined in November, 2005. I worked as dispatch execute till July, 2007. In July 2007, I was transferred in Search Marketing department as a Link Exchange Executive.

When I was moved in Search Marketing team I was unaware about Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization. My seniors even team leader was not interested in me because I was simple graduate. No wants to make me learn something about SEO. But soon I started to learn myself and in very short period I learn major thing about this. I studied many books and expert SEO theory about it. I know online marketing, web 2.0., SEO, search engines, Social networking and bookmaking, blogging, RSS, optimization of on page and off page and web analytic etc. I studied some books related to analytic also that was written by Avinash Kausik. Now, I am running a SEO and Web 2.0 blog also and now I am capable to handle any type of SEO projects.

I was neglected that is why I joined in MBA course. I am unable to write more about 1st semester because I had not joined my classes but I will write about them in short. Now, about the 2nd semester I want write more because I have joined the classes. This is the blog regarding my MBA classes and courses and that books.

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