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MBA Books – Management Process and Organization Behavior

Monday, September 15, 2008

The book has been provided by Sikkim Manipal University for MBA Students (Distance Education) in the 1st semester there are six books. The 1st book is “Management Process and Organization Behavior”. The book is for Master in Business Administration degree and the management book code is “MB 0022” for SMU distance education students.

There are 10 chapters in the book. I am writing about 1st chapter “Organisational Behaviour”.

The chapter defines about management as a creative problem moving process. Management has some managerial features which are – organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Every manager should be these skills to handle management situation.

Organisational behavour objectives are:

Functions of a Manager

Skills of a Manager

Roles of Manager

Organisational behavour as a discipline

Challenges and Opportunities for Organisational Behaviour

Functions of a manager are dependent on management environment. According to theoretician there are many definitions also: Neuman and summer has divided into four parts as a management: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.

Henri Fayol, define as – planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling in five parts.

Luther Gulik gives a new theory of management - POSDCORB. POSDCORB define management as – planning, organizing, staffing, directing or leading, coordinating, reporting and budgeting.

These are the theoretician concept about management and manager roles as a MBA.

Skills of manager are also decided by management environment. In the MBA book there are there types of management level has been defined:

Conceptual Skills – The skills is for top lever management which evolve concept about management.

Human Skills- It is middle level of management for a manger to handle human being softly.

Technical Skills- It is Supervisory or we can say low level of management which deals technical aspect of companies.

About the managerial roles there are also three process to get inform, to make decisions etc. that are –

Personal- it provides information to figurehead, leader and liaison.

Informational- it gives process information to monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.

Decisional- it is for using information to entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource Allocator, and negotiator.

Now Organisation Behaviour:

Organisaation Behaviour is the systematic study of actions and attitudes within organizations. It learns how to behave as an individual in group and in organizations. It is the study of dynamic character which acts in various organizations.

Organisation Behaviour is a part of management study. Its challenges in today’s world are:

Study of dynamic workplace

Employee behaviour modification

Employee up gradations

At last I can say management can enhance business growth and it can be back of business.


Anonymous said...

Great job on your blog. I really like the layout, and your information is very thorough.I just now came across a blog which
deal with Organizational Behavior,also cover different aspects like Human Decision Process,History Of Organizational
Behaviour Studies,Leadership etc.The best way to understand is to go through the system yourself.
For more : Organizational Behavior Theories

Kapila said...

"MBA Books – Management Process and Organization Behavior"

Please let me have some note on this topic


how to download the ebooks

Sayeed سعيد said...

Dear Friend.

I have submitted my Papers for SMU MBA in Finance. I work in Sharjah..I need some Book reference.. like from where i can Download the Full book and if you or any one has got the Question paper can you forward me. If SOme one is in UAE ...Dubai Sharjah or any near by place Please contact me my email id is

Thanks & regards,


Raj said...


saurab said...

In model papers ans are not there can anyone tell me how much we can have from these models papers in exams??

raj said...

i am student of MBA sem 1 . i want to download the sample papers as well as question paper of last years but i unable to see model papers at anywhere in site .so plz tell me what can i do.

jammi said...

iam a mba student of dr.b.r.ambedkar o.u........i need answers for two questions

1)"management is a series of functions to be performed in a sequential order " Explain the statmenet describing managemenet process in short "

2)Management is not a profession but id heading towards that direction " do you agree? Why or Why not? Give reasons.

ajay said...

how to download the ebooks....
plz tell me......i m student of IIPM delhi......plz any one tell how can i dowd all name - ajay verma from id is

mehul shah said...

how can i download the authour k.s.thakur book?any1 tell me

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