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About Noun and Uses of Noun by Remedial English from Business Communication

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remedial English is the chapter of Business Communication of SMU MBA. SMU introduces the book as MB0023 for MBA student. I want to discuss about the Remedial English chapter from the Business Communication book. This is the very big chapter of Business Communication which is about parts of speech. During the English language learning, grammar is known as the foundation. In the English Grammar, parts of speech is the base on which we make a sentence. There are eight parts of parts of speech in English grammar such as – Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

Here, I want talk about Noun and uses of Noun. Noun is the basic and most important chapter of English grammar. It is the first chapter of parts of speech. It is the communication process from where we begin.

Definition of Noun:

There are many definitions about Noun but we take only few for references. According the David Green, “A Noun may be defined as the name of a person, place or thing. By ‘thing’, we mean something that can be seen and touched (concrete) or something that can only be thought of and not seen and touched (abstract).” This definition is very suitable that says everything about Noun in short.

For example – Lisa, Shyam, Rohan etc. for names; Park, Patna, Delhi etc. for places; Pen, Pencil, Book etc for thing.

Functions of Noun:

Noun can function as subject, object and compliment in a sentence. For example – Ram Reads a Book. (Ram is Noun). A Book is read by Ram. (A Book is Noun). Ram’s book is very informative. (Ram’s Book is Noun).

Kinds of Noun:

There are very differences about kinds of noun between modern grammar and old grammar. According to the old grammar, noun is divided into five parts such as – Proper Noun, Common Noun, Abstract Noun, Collective Noun and Material Noun. New grammar treats these in two parts such as – Countable Noun and Uncountable Noun.

According to the Business Communication book, noun can be shown as:

Kinds of Noun

Gender in Noun:

Father, Boy, Hero; male denoted noun is known as the Masculine Gender.

Mother, Girl, Heroine; female denoted noun is known as the Feminine Gender.

Baby, Parent, Student, Teacher; common denoted noun is known as the Common Gender.

Tree, Jewel, Building; neuter denoted noun is known as the Neuter Gender.

Number of Noun:

Single thing is known as the Singular Noun such as – tomato, boy, card etc.

More than one is known as the Plural Noun such as – tomatoes, boys, cards etc.

So, this chapter gives knowledge about Noun and uses of Noun in English grammar which is the first and basic chapter of parts of speech. This is the most important chapter in the process of learning English grammar. It is the most preferable chapter of business communication to develop communication skills and to know about types of communication also.


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