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Organisational Change and Development – MBA Book

Monday, December 1, 2008

MBA is all about related to a firm or company so we have to discuss all things in the relation of on organization.

An intellectual has said that everything is changeable. So, it is also fact in the situation of organization. Development of organization is changing process.

We should decide some objectives of this chapter which can be:

Forces for change

Form of change

Approach to change

Concept and purpose of development

Types of Organisation Development Activity

Analysis of Organisational effectiveness

Change refers to a modification always. We know change without force is not possible. For example we can see whole history of life. So, we can indicate the forces of change in an organization:

Nature of the Work Force


Economic Shocks


Social Trends

World Politics

Change should be recognized as external and internal changes. External forces which is beyond us and include – Technological changes, globlisation, social and political changes, workforce diversity and managing ethical behaviour etc.

Like these internal forces includes - changes in Managerial personnel, declining effectiveness, changes in work climate, deficiencies in the Existing System, Crisis and Employee expectations.

Internal forces, which can be managed by us and which is not beyond us.

Now, we will discuss about forms of change. There are two types of changes – planned and unplanned.

Now, here is another thing which is definition of Organisation Development (OD)

For the topic we should take look on some theoretician definition. According to Wendell L. French and Cecil H. Bell, Jr., “Organisation development is a systematic process for applying behavioural science principles and practices in organizations, to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.”

Another theory comes from Worly, “a systematic application of behavioural science knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processing for improving an organisation’s effectiveness.”

Now, we can say that organization development is organization improvement strategy. OD is known as a technique which brings change in the organisatioin.

Now, we can say change is inevitable in a progressive culture and society to meet the new.


monika said...

plz help me on the topic.....planned and unplanned organisational change and its approaches

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