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Learn Writing Complaint Letter and Apology Letter from MB0023 of SMU MBA

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Complaint Letter: Writing a complaint letter is often an undesirable task. But if it is done well, the end result can be very rewarding. Complaint letters can be used for the purpose of having products replaced or money refunded, for changing company policy or government legislation, for influencing the media, and so forth. Often a complaint letter is more effective than a simple phone call or e-mail message. Furthermore, in many cases, the formality of a complaint letter can add seriousness to the situation that will bring results. When writing your complaint letter, identify a definite purpose and outcome that you want to achieve, and indicate those ideas clearly in your letter.

Points to keep in mind while writing complaint letters:

Be sure that the complaint you are making is legitimate. Check out the facts of your complaint. Check out the facts of your complaint.

Let your language be diplomatic. Avoid being sarcastic, angry of threatening even if your complaint is genuine. Remember that the person to whom you address your letter may not after, all be the person responsible for the problem.

Let your letter be concise and limit to one page if possible. However, include important dates or places and include any additional relevant information you can.

If you have to enclose any documents do so but remember to send only the photocopy and keep the originals with you. Also keep a copy of your complaint letter for your records.

Apology Letter: Now that you have learnt to write a complaint letter, you should also learn to write an apology letter. An effective apology letter is an important part of the business correspondence that would make your life in work place easy. To err is human, so instead of dwelling on the mistake committed, it is better to act quickly in order to resolve the problem.

Points to keep in mind while writing apology letters:

While writing an apology letter, concentrate on the rectification of the error committed than on the problem that you have caused the receiving person.

If possible along with the apology, state any compensation that you can give to the person who has suffered the damage.

Take full responsibility on the problem caused.

Don’t be dramatic while apologizing. Your words should express your feelings clearly and simply. The tone of your letter should be considerate and respectful.

From the chapter you have already learned about structure of business letter and principles of writing letters. Now, there is a great example of writing a complaint and apology letter.


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