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How to Write Accepting and Declining Invitations from Business Communication Book

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It is good business etiquette to write any acceptance or declination of an invitation. This helps the host in arranging the seats for the invitees or makes any other business arrangements. As a rule, you can decide the formality or informality of the letter depending on the style of the invitation. You should be gracious when accepting the invitation. In the first paragraph you should thank the person/organization that has invited you. In brief, identify the subject of the invitation. In other words, write in short that you are accepting. If you are accepting an invitation to a social event, express your anticipation that the event will be a success. Clarify any details about the event, if needed, such a date or time, location, dress, etc.

Even if you have to decline an invitation don’t forget to thank the person who was invited you. Be clear while stating that you are not accepting the invitation. Also, briefly write the reason for declining the offer. Given below is a sample letter where the writer declines the offer made in the previous letter. Note that though the letter is declining the business offer, it is written in a positive note suggesting chances of business in the future.

Date: 20th April, 2011

Dear, Mr. Keith

Thank you for inviting us to The Conference Room of your prestigious hotel, Valley View, for review and evaluation.

Though we were impressed with the quality of your service, our marketing review committee has made the decision not avail the benefit of this type at the present time. Should our policies change in the future, we will consider your service as an advantage for our business.

Should you develop or wish to submit other services in the future that you feel may be of interest to us, please feel free to contact us.

Again, thank you for considering Sikkim Manipal University as a potential guest.

Thank You

Yours sincerely



The chapter has been taken from SMU Business Communication book. We already have shared our opinions about structure of business letter.


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