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How to Participate in Meetings from Business Communication of SMU MBA

Monday, December 26, 2011

It is very important that one attend meetings. There is a mixed feeling about attending meetings among people. Some members are happy to just attend the team meetings. It is as though they are physically present in the meetings without contributing anything constructive.

Meetings are only way of passing time for them. Others feel as though their opinions aren’t valued. They have a lot to contribute but go unnoticed. There are still others who just can’t get a word in. Unequal participation reduces the outcomes of the meeting and can be frustrating for all the participants.

Any meeting to be successful needs careful attention of honing of communication skills. The success or failure of a meeting can be attributed to the way it is conducted as well as the way how people have participated in its proceedings.

If people make the effort to attend a meeting, it is in everyone’s interest to have thoughtful contributions from all. For the success of a meeting, the participants should follow certain regimen. They are –

  • Arrive on time
  • Be prepared to discuss the agenda items
  • Keep their contributions relevant to the subject under discussion
  • Present their ideas clearly
  • Listen carefully and with an open mind to points raised by others encourage good ideas from others
  • Keep their interests in check

Some participants are responsible for the failure of the meetings. The outcome of the meetings is reduced because of their typical character. They could be compulsive talkers, never contribute, digress or carry on private conversations while the others are busy discussing important issues.

The chapter of participating in meetings has been taken from Business Communication book of SMU MBA. Meetings decide the future of any projects. So, to make it effective there should be a deep understanding about the participating in meetings. You need to understand above mentioned topic to make yourself best. It is the sequel of How to Prepare Minutes chapter.


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