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Objectives of MBA (Distance Education)

Monday, September 15, 2008

MBA is broader aspect of management. We can say, it is mastery in business. Master in Business Administrator is a management of creative problem solving process. Nowadays, MBA course from distance education is for developing knowledge and skills in fundamental management disciplines and management activities.

Objective of MBA course are:

As a MBA the course is aim to develop essential management skills to face and participate in the creative solving problem among global business environment.

The course intended to industrialize, commercialize the cultural background of MBA students to make them professional manager in global companies.

MBA degree for a student can be a professional course to get promotions and manager rank in the big companies but it gives also a skill of management to manage business problem in the favour of companies.


Reuben South said...

The idea of participating in the global business market convinced me to study in the program as well. I am earning my MBA Degree and considering a career in management. This would give me the opportunity to contribute to the creative problem solving that you mentioned.

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