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About the Writing of Fax and Telegram from Business Communication Book of SMU MBA

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now we shall focus our attention on writing smaller messages. These depend on the technical instruments that are used while sending the message. Hence concentration should be on writing short messages. Avoid all words and phrases that do not add significantly to the message that you want to send. Brief reference to the context should be provided to make your message complete.

So you may skip writing salutation, complimentary close, etc. But don’t forget to include your name at the bottom. Fax and e-mail used to send formal business letters.

While composing a telegraphic message (telegram), only key words and phrases are used. Function words such as articles and prepositions should not be included. If essential, they may be used to a minimum.

Fax: You should take much care while writing faxes.

Use fax template for cover document. This will have the layout of recipient’s name, institution, fax no. etc.

In formal faxing,

Do not hand-write

Use the formal conventions for starting and finishing as explained in formal letter writing

The content should be structured as you would structure a formal letter


Fax from: Oberoi Shereton Towers

22 Alma Street

Sampangi Park 575222

Fax: 650 325 8723

Fax to: Sanjay Memon, Manasvi Inc.

Fax no: 235 266 3122

Date: 17 July, 2011

Subject: Remittance of draft for registration of classes

No. of pages including this one: 1

From: Ashis Jain, Registration Manager

Refer to our telephonic conversation on 15 December. The bank draft for Rupees Seventeen thousand has not yet been received. Please send by return post or by courier.

Ashish Jain


Training Manager

Cool Lounge Restaurant

10, Janpath

New Delhi – 110001

Sixty five copies of Registration form Books sent today by courier.

Buvan Patel


Not to be telegraphed:

Bhuvan Patel, Manager Logistics

Accord Company Pvt. Ltd.

24, Akashganga Marg

Kolkatta – 432001

The chapter has been taken from Business Communication book of SMU MBA. We already have discussed about writing of press release and writing of resume. Now, you have a chance to learn how to write fax and telegram in this chapter.


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